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Taking roots’ skin set disappearing and reappearing on switch version

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Within the switch version of dst, the verdant skin sets for certain characters seem to be appearing before they are released on that version. The taking roots update added those skin sets that are reappearing/disappearing randomly. This update has yet to reach the switch but the skin sets seem to be in the game. It’s technically weavable but I am really unsure if it would actually work or not. This is because when getting out of the menu the icon for the set disappears. I have pictured it with Wurt but it has also happened with Wormwood as well.









Steps to Reproduce

There are two ways I accidentally reproduced it. The most consistent way I found is to check the character’s skin tab the second you log in. This loads in the skins and it disappears a little while later. The second is to unravel some “distinguished” clothing. That one is somewhat inconsistent so I’m insure if it works well or not.

User Feedback

This bug no longer needs to be reported due to the fact the skin sets were added literally a day after it was reported :lol:

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