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Swamps cannot spawn mushrooms

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As the title says,mushrooms cannot spawn in any marsh.It is exactly the same type as the list of flowers,but they're actually different, aren't they?Even so, mushroom circles can still generate and are not affected.This leads to the fact that sometimes you can find mushroom circles in marsh but not any individual mushrooms, which is so weird.1819342222_QQ20220816211646.thumb.png.3b1fc48f06d23bdef30b08cddb655028.png

Steps to Reproduce

wandering in the swamp

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User Feedback

If I remember correctly mushrooms were removed from swamps on purpose way back in the early-access days due to them being too easily accessible for use in PvP (which was very popular at the time). Given that PvP hasn't been Klei's focus since like 2015, I think it would be fair to consider going back on the removal and reintroducing them into swamps again.

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