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Structure on boat stays on ocean surface while sailing

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My friends and I had a boat with 6 chests, 1 endo firepit, 2 winged sail with upgrades, 1 steering wheel, 1 anchor, 1 fridge, 1 glowcap, 1 pinchin winch and 1 bin for long term sailing. As we were sailing, we lose structures one by one, first, our sail with lighting conductor so the boat burned. We rolled back but it keeps happening. After the first mishap, I recorded our gameplay in case it happens again so I can report the bug. See screenshots below for all lost structures. We lost our fridge twice. :wilson_facepalm:







Steps to Reproduce

Make a boat.

Put structures on boat, better if it's on the edges.

Sail and witness your structures leave one by one.

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