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Strange Visual Tearing At Bottom of Screen in Full Screen

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No idea what the cause is, but my game has strange visual tearing at the bottom of the screen when playing DST in full screen. This bug does not always occur and I've managed to fix it by restarting the game a few times. It only occurs in full screen mode. Unfortunately I cannot screenshot it because it is a hardware-sided visual distortion.

However I am somewhat confident that DST specifically is the culprit, since the bug disappears after closing DST and also occurs in other full screen windows only while DST is running. I have also not observed this bug when playing other games in full screen. About 75% confident that DST is the issue.

I'm running Windows 11 22H2 with an AMD GPU. Providing this information here because the bug may be hardware dependent. This bug occurs around 20% or less of the time when I run DST.

Steps to Reproduce

I've described the bug to the best of my ability in my post. Unfortunately I can only provide circumstantial information on it.

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