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steam://connect URLs don't work

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I was trying to use a steam://connect URL (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_browser_protocol) to make it easy to connect to my dedicated DST server, however I am unable to make it work.

If I use the hostname and Master/server.ini/STEAM/master_server_port to create the connect URL, then steam is able to connect and launch DST. DST will then try to connect to the server, but it tries to connect to the steam port (27018 in this case), which could be seen by running tcpdump on the server.

If I use the hostname and Master/server.ini/NETWORK/server_port to create the URL (so the port is 10999 in this case), then I simply get an error from steam saying "Server is not responding."

There does not appear to be any way to have steam connect to the steam port, and the game connect to the game port when using a "steam://connect" URL ...

(If I connect using the server browser then the game connects successfully)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Run dedicated server on hostname, with steam master_server_port as 27018, and server_port as 10999

2. click on URL of form "steam://connect/hostname:27018", game launches, tries to connect, eventually gives up saying server is not responding

2. click on URL of form "steam://connect/hostname:10999", steam opens "Game Info" window that says "Server is not responding"

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