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Some items with the molebait tag are ignored by moleworms

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This is because they don't have the bait component, which the molebait tag needs in order to work.

Prefab files affected by this:

  1. antliontrinket.lua
  2. halloween_ornaments.lua
  3. heatrock.lua
  4. marblebean.lua
  5. winter_ornaments.lua

In heatrock.lua in particular, it seems that AddComponent("bait") was accidentally changed to AddTag("bait"), since it's located right above AddTag("molebait"), which is exactly where AddComponent("bait") is in the heatrock.lua prefab file in singleplayer Reign of Giants.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a world with no flint, to avoid distractions, and with only dusk, so the moleworm doesn't fall asleep.
  2. c_spawn("marblebean")
  3. c_spawn("molehill")
  4. The moleworm should ignore the marble bean.
  5. c_find("marblebean"):AddComponent("bait")
  6. The moleworm should go after the marble bean now that it has the bait component.

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