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slingshot issues

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every time i use the slingshot the game crashes. no mods, no special weapon. just the beginners slingshot that walter come standard with to the constant.

the game has been crashing a lot lately but it USUALLY takes a bit of time (its been doing the crashing and stuff since the CAWNIVAL),(20-30 minutes give or take a few) but as soon as i shot something with the slingshot within 3-5 seconds the game crashes. sorry no video proof i am broke as hell and don't got the tech for that stuff. however i am bringing this to you attention anyway in case it ends up being a major problem later on so that you can catch it early. 

Steps to Reproduce

play as walter. shoot a bird. game crashes.

i don't know if it crashes if you shoot other stuff but it does for every CROW i shoot. 

these crows are the regular birds not the npc crows from the event.

User Feedback

i just tried a modded character and the same thing happened. i threw a knife and killed a crow. as soon as i tried to approach the bird meat it was an instant game crash again!!!. i will try with WINONA next to see if it crashes for her too. i will update the report after i do.

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