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Skins not appearing & character becomes invisible after resurrecting

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I purchased the Starter Pack 2020 that came bundled with Don't Starve Together on Steam. My character is Wigfrid, and when I try to choose the Verdant skins from the Starter Pack, they do not appear on my character. Also, when I resurrected at the Florid Postern, my character became invisible. I am playing in online mode with no mods installed.

Edit: I've tried wearing other skins, and the same problem happens. My character steps out of the wardrobe with the default clothing, but when I click on the view profile button (like in the screenshots), it shows I have the skins I chose equipped.  I've also died and resurrected again, and my character becomes invisible each time.  When I go to the wardrobe and choose the default clothing, my character becomes visible again.  Does anyone know why this is happening and what steps I can take to fix this?

Steps to Reproduce

Selecting any skin from the wardrobe has no visible effect on my character. While wearing any skins, my character becomes invisible after I resurrect.



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