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Shadow Sneak Beardlords keep Bunnyman stats

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In singleplayer don't starve, beardlords attack faster and deal more damage than bunnymen.

As I understand it, this stat difference was not included in Don't Starve Together due to the fact that there is no longer a global sanity value that can be used to determine if a Bunnyman should turn into a Beardlord or not.

Since Maxwell's shadow sneak turns all affected bunnymen into beardlords for everyone, those beardlords should now be able to get their proper stats back (But this is currently not the case).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Spawn in and befriend a bunnyman

2. Have it attack something and observe it's attack speed

3. Turn it into a beardlord using Maxwell's shadow sneak

4. Have it attack something and notice the attack speed remains unchanged

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