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server role back poofed all befriended spiders

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I went to dragonfly for the fight with an army of nurse spiders with football helmets and some warriors. Ended up dying just before Dragonflys HP hit 1500, so I rolled back to before the fight and all befriended spiders no longer existed. I had all these spiders prior to even arriving to dragonfly and waiting out the rest of the night, so its not just a matter of having not made the friends after it hit day.

Steps to Reproduce

Spring day 259. Feed switcherdoodles and get 10 nurse spiders, and befriend 2-3 warriors. Arrive to a walled off dragon fly dessert about 2-3 segments before day break. Wait out the night. Begin fight. Die because you forgot the pan flute at base, roll back through in server menu. Be sad because all your nurses poofed away.

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