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Server Not Responding

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My partner and myself have been playing DST for quite awhile now, usually at least a couple hours a week. We've never had issues joining a server one of us have hosted until yesterday afternoon, and it continues today. Any of our saves or any new save have the same issue. I've done some troubleshooting and have found it ONLY happens when we have caves active in the game. If they are disabled, everything works fine. Reading the top of the list of bugs it seems we aren't the only ones it's happening to, I created an account specifically to show its happening to multiple people. Hopefully its a quick fix, we run full vanilla, no mods on the server or our accounts. Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

Steps to Reproduce

Host a match with caves enabled, cannot find it on the list of active servers or join through steam or any other means. Host a match without caves, everything works flawlessly.

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