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Server crash

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Something weird is happening.. I was trying to test this update, i have mods on,playing on local server. I am starting server, server is running,everything looks fine. I crafted beefalo shrine (playing as wormwood), few seconds later my game crashes . I am starting DST again, this time i have disabled 90% mods,now game crashes while server is loading (it didn't even load). After this i am disabling all mods, trying again, game crashed right after i clicked on "host game" which was super weird. I tried one last time, mods are disabled, clicking on "host game", server is starting, but then it crashes again. I have no idea at all what is causing it. My world is kinda old (3400+ days), i doubt this have anything to do with a crash, but i can't be sure. 

Steps to Reproduce

Start server, craft beefalo shrine and that's it.

User Feedback

I have the same issue...i was playing with my friends in a modded world and suddenly before a new day start the game crashed and both i and my teamates disconnected from the server and the game instantly closed.I tried to reload the server as a host and the game crashed in loading screen...i validated all the files via steam properties and i tried again...game crashed again...i tried to start another created world (which was also modded and it crashed again).i restart my pc and i tried to uncheck all mods and start the game without them...nothing...i reapllied them and the game crashed again...because all my saves were crashing in loading screen i tried to create a new world (one with mods and another without mods) both worlds started normally and after that i tried to reopen the previous saves.Unfortunately the crashes were still existing.

I have to mention that while i was playing the first world with my friends i had in the background a twitch stream to get some twitch drops for hte new skin on DST and i am wondering if the time i claimed the drop was that the game crashed and was there a kind of bug giving me this reward while playing...

I didnt tried any of the new features were added on the last update ...

Is these crashes a sign that my saves were corrupted and i cant load them again or i should keep hoping about them ?

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