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Self lock out mechanism

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So basically the new October qol update has the added benefit of allowing users to set their LMB as any other control / completely removing it which for normal people is fine enough but then there is my very nice friend which set to "q" and inevitably locked himself out of any action using left mouse button even on the main menu screen, now after an hour plus of struggling and redownloading the game we figured out that he did what he did. and he used the "q" button to navigate all the way to the control settings and reconfigure the action button to LMB. klei, please do something. people such as my friend here can easily lock themselves completely out of the game. thank you. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. go to settings
2. go to controls
3. go to primary
4. click
5. press "q" on your keyboard
6. get a headache

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