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search engine causes game to crash

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as i stated in the title the search engine causes game to crash. if i go into my belongings and try to look for stuff using the search bar at the top it causes the game to crash hard and fast. also lately every single time i either make a new world or try to launch an old world the game either crashes in about 3-5 seconds after displaying black block graphics on the people in the character select screen or about a minute or two after playing the game just freezes and  i get a message that the game has stopped for some reason and must now close. i am not using mods so that is not the issue. my pc is old so it may just be that the game has updated more than my **** pc can handle. cuz now all i can do really is collect daily login items and leave.

Steps to Reproduce

for the search engine issue. i have no pictures cuz the game crashes to fast to get any.

1.go to belongings. 2.go to the search bar at the top and type in something like axes or shoes as a search item. 3.click the search button and watch the game die.

for the game world issues i don't know really. it is mostly just either make a world and pick a person and the game crashes at that point.

or open an old world and the game crashes after a few minutes. no steps really for those 2. it either happens to you or it don't.

but as of right now i cannot play the game and i am super sad. the new world WAS made with the robot guy so it might be a update related problem.

but the old world crashes i don't know what to do.

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