Retrofitted map . No Celestial Sanctum markers

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Hello , I encountered a bug with my retrofitted map where the astral detectors do not point at the locations of the Celestial stations nor to the moon island . After spawning in command "moon_altar_astral_marker_1 / 2" the Astral detectors worked for those spawned makers. In my opinion after the retrofitting my game did not spawn the markers properly ( I had the same problem with new biom form the forgotten knowledge update in the caves , I had to re-roll the caves to get it  ) . Thank you for your time .

Steps to Reproduce

Astral Detector did not spawn the arrow leading the said positions . I spawned in the console c_spawn("moon_altar_astral_marker_1",1) and c_spawn("moon_altar_astral_marker_2",1) , after doing that the Astral Detectors dig up the two Astral Stations and worked properly . They still do not show where the moon island is.

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