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REPOST: Chester flops and pushes players with the eye bone around after getting on and off boats

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As the title mentions, Chester would glitch after despawned on boats (when trying to follow a player) and later teleported to the land after the player holding the eye bone is reaching the land, in which occasion it would "flop" (producing a "getting off boat" sound instead of the normal "bouncing" sound when moving) to move, and it'll no longer try to keep its distance with the eye bone, causing it to try to collide with the eye bone or whatever/whoever holding it. Possible instances are displayed as GIF files below. This glitched behavior of Chester can be removed temporarily by bringing Chester back on boat and get off without Chester despawning on boats in the process.

In survival, this bug is likely to trigger when players're trying to take Chester through a series of boats connected together acting as bridges.

GIF 2022-1-18 12-54-22.gif

GIF 2022-1-18 12-51-53.gif

GIF 2022-1-18 12-50-16.gif

GIF 2022-1-18 12-47-56.gif

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1. place a line of boats between two coasts. The coasts has to be distanced so that it allows Chester to get out of the loading range of the player when the player's still on the boats.

Step 2. starting from one of the coasts, place obstacles on one of the boats *near your starting point* (possible obstacles include odd skeletons, chess pieces, antlion cave-ins, etc.) to make sure that the player can get through the line of boats while Chester will be blocked and despawn on the boats.

Step 3. get through the line of boats from your selected starting side and get to the other side, make sure Chester is blocked and despawned on the boats in the process

Step 4. reach the other side of the coasts and get of the boats. Chester will start to flop if the steps're correctly followed.

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