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Report Lua ERROR?

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https://gyazo.com/e499d956a69905302c9855e7afac8200 here's the picture for the I just wanted to play the game and this happend sorry i dont know anything that could be the cause of this i am new to all this.


Steps to Reproduce

Idk how this happened sorry. I did download 4 client mods & played for awhile reached day 32 & couldnt progress further due to deerclops then I quit the game,World then the next day it gave me this ERROR i really like to play the game but i can't cause of this bug? I hope i get to play DST again after sending this report.

User Feedback

This appears to be caused by the mod: Tabs from what I can tell the author has already taken care of it, but if not please report the error there, thanks.

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