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Purchase Failure

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well, I was trying to buy some skin these days, but this error keeps happening, I thought it would be fixed if I restarted my pc or closed the game, but it keeps appearing, no friend of mine has this problem and that's why I'm worried

Steps to Reproduce

Open DontStarveTogether
Go to Item collection and then Shop
In my case, i want to buy the "Complete Snowfallen Survivors Chest" (although the error happens in the whole store)
then i closed the game and open de client_log.txt 
StartPurchase post body {"ItemType": "PACK_ICE_BUNDLE", "SalePercent": 0}
[00:01:10]: SteamItemPurchase::CompleteCallback (failure, FAILED_DEFAULT) set
[00:01:11]: ERROR: Failed to contact the item server.    FAILED_DEFAULT  

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