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Purchase Failure

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I'm having problems purchasing anything at the store. I want to buy a bundle at the ingame shop, but two errors appear:

Error 1


Purchase Failure

Failed to contact Klei Servers. Please try again.


Error 2


Purchase Failure

Unable to start a new transaction due to having an outstanding purchase active. Please close all other purchases, and try again later.

This bundle appears only at the ingame shop, not the Steam Store Page.



Steps to Reproduce
  1. Enter the ingame shop
  2. Try to purchase anything
  3. I'm personally selecting the 'Magmatic Bundle'
  4. The 'Purchase Failure' windows appears

User Feedback

The same thing is happening to me, I tried closing the game and it still happens with any purchase it happens to me ...image.thumb.png.a315c29fef40a8de05f576fd9fcb6104.png

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