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PS4 Controller forcing left at all times

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Hello, I am trying to play with a PS4 controller on PC, but when I am in menus, it's as if the left analog stick is constantly turned to the left. I have done many things, including calibrating the controller via Steam Big Picture, updating the drivers, verifying the integrity of the file cache of the game and even uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Now I can't even change from Keyboard/Mouse to Controller in the Settings menu because my controller will instantly "press left" and put it back to Keyboard/Mouse. Thanks, and is there any file I should include in this thread (I did not find the .mdmp file)?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Plug PS4 on PC controller.

2. Open the game. 

3. Go to Settings > Input Device > Change to Generic Controller (it reverts back to Keyboard/Mouse)

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