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PlayStation controller is incorrectly detected as Xbox controller

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When I play DST with a PS4 controller, DST sees the controller as an Xbox controller instead, and shows me those bindings. See screenshot below (note the "Input Device" and the "B" button at the bottom). I'd like to get DST to detect my controller properly as a PS4 controller.



I think the issue is specific to DST because Steam sees my controller properly as a PlayStation controller and I don't have any overrides in place.


The issue occurs both when the controller is wired and wireless, and both when launching from Steam Desktop or Big Picture.

I have found a little evidence that this issue has happened to others before:



Steps to Reproduce
  1. Connect Dualshock 4 controller to Windows 10 PC, either via Bluetooth or via USB cable.
  2. Launch Don't Starve Together from Steam client.
  3. Observe that DST has detected the controller but has incorrectly assumed it is an Xbox controller.

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