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Player stuck after using telelocator staff and cast a second time

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Whenever I try to use the telelocator staff to teleport a giant (happened multiple times on Deerclops) to a telelocator focus socketed with three purple gems, my character gets stuck and start following the giant motionlessly to cast a second time, teleporting the giant randomly.

I can't cancel the second cast nor stop my character from moving toward the giant.

My hypothesis would be that the telelocator focus is located too close to the cast (two/three screens apart).

I use Minimap HUD, Display Food Values and Health Info mods. I also don't have any skins on the staff nor the telelocator focus. 

Steps to Reproduce

Use the telelocator staff on the Deerclops (during Winter's feast) to teleport it to a telelocator focus socketed with three purple gems two or three screens away. 

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