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Physics.SetCylinder(0, 0) lets you do very weird things with movement prediction on.

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So, When I use ThePlayer.Physics:SetCylinder(0, 0) with movement prediction and locally. It Lets me actually phase through stuff despite me not being admin. This includes All structures, Water/land boundaries, and more. This allows me to do things like Drown myself. Another weird thing is it lets me walk on water if I haven't died before, you also have to be constantly moving or you will drown. It even lets you go in the void or other islands if you walk long enough. 

   This works on any server as long as you're not admin. 

It also seems to mess up movement prediction so don't use it in combat.


Steps to Reproduce

Type ThePlayer.Physics:SetCylinder(0, 0) in console.

Enable movement prediction.

Walk into a wall or some sort of boundary and you'll go through it. 


User Feedback

You don't need to be a admin, I wasn't a admin when i was doing it. But it seems to have been patched already so it's fine.

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You will have some movement prediction authority when you are playing on a friend's hosted server.

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