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PAUSE and the autopause dont work on dedicated server

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I have a dedicated DST server on nitrado, and the PAUSE and the autopause feature is dont work.
When i push "P", the screen is going to dark, my caracter is freeze, but the environment (birds, butterflies, mobs) is still moving, and the time dont stop.
When i press "ESC" the menu is appears, and for 1 sec i see on the top of menu "auto-paused! seriously, it is", and after 1 sec this will change to "not paused. seriously! Its not"
I dont use any mod on the server, i useĀ full clear install with default settings, nothing special..
If i start local host, everything is fine.
Any suggestion to solve this?

Many thanks!

Steps to Reproduce

I try fresh install, clear everything, try alone, and with more players, the pause still dont work...

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