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On Start Following Event Not Detected (Hounds)

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As of (I think) today, hounds seem able to remember their previous leader when a server is reloaded, but the event for begin following of the leader doesn't activate.  Was this intentional?  I know this happened because I coded trained hounds to despawn when they stopped following the player, and to gain new stats when they started following the player, but now this doesn't happen when the server is closed/loaded.

Upon further testing, it seems like hounds also remain loyal to you when entering caves, and will go back to following you once you emerge.  This is neat, but it's also problematic..  How are we meant to detect a hound follower and give them commands upon the server being loaded?

Upon even more testing, it seems that the OnStopFollowing code has also stopped working..  Is there something more going on here..?

Steps to Reproduce

I made a few basic changes to hounds so they act differently when they begin/stop following the player, but suddenly these changes stopped, but they remain loyal when you reboot the server.  Something in the vanilla code has changed, but it seems to have made the event detection break..


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