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Objects too close to the edge of a boat can cause players to drown

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So this is probably poor planning on my part but I still think this deserves reporting.

I had a pair of lureplants on my boat near the base and when trying to jump on said boat, my character got shoved off of it and drowned immediately. I'm assuming the game couldn't find a proper position to relocate me after the jump, the lureplants are revolting against the meatitarian girl, or Wigfrid just needed a bath.

I have some evidence in form of a Youtube video. Unfortunately the angle is terrible, apologies for that.


Steps to Reproduce

- Craft and place a boat

- Plant 2 lureplants on the boat, near the shore and close to each other

- Get off the boat, and then try getting back on, towards the lureplants

- Chances are the game will 'push' your character off the boat, causing you to drown

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