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My screen freezes, but the game keep going

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As the title says, my screen freezes, but the game keep going, i can hear the game audios, and even interact with objects or type on the chat, but the screen keeps frozen, the time of the bug is random, it can be at the end of the dawn (day 1), at the middle of the first day, when i interact with any object, i tried uninstalling the game and installing it again, i tried uninstalling and deactivating mods, nothing works, also i didn't found any fix for the issue. Please help.

Steps to Reproduce

Simply start the game, joining or hosting a game, and the issue randomly freeze the screen at any moment.

User Feedback

Same happens to be me but from the start. I'll see the loading screen for like 4 seconds when launching the app but then both of my monitors black out for a sec then appear but see the game would be in a black screen. It would still highlight and interact with a mouse cursor, but the screen is black which is unplayable. Its not the gpu issue nor the performance, but it is a bug which i tried to troubleshoot for while. It is not mods, firewall, networking, re-installation issues, nor the computer but the game. If there is a way to wipe Don't Starve Together "CLEAN" it might solve the issue or maybe it just not compatible with my computer for some strange reason.

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