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My crockpot just went away from boat

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Hi, when i was playing with my friend our crockpot for no reason was not solid and moved to the sea,i was able to move with it by our boat, but it didnt stand on our bout anymore. screens:Inked20200914213605_1_LI.thumb.jpg.8b81002788933e1ad636e551f8fa05c6.jpgInked20200914213709_1_LI.thumb.jpg.0a9e91b9d767c484daebd9eb54a07c75.jpgInked20200914213614_1_LI.thumb.jpg.bf08c5e63fd83f9154bd130e7763a2f9.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

We just sail around this stone on the screen and our crockpot became moveable and went from our boat

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