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Multiple bug in a single world

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Overtime I have encountered multiple types of bugs in my world. Ive disabled my mods one by one only to encounter another bug after a while. Most of these bugs happens when I enter or leave the cave. The types of bugs i've encountered are the following.

In cave/ upon entering cave:

1. sanity meter disappeared and replaced by enlightenment meter with giant tree branches appearing 

2. bag pack icon is invisible, the content of the bagpack is still visible on the right, but the items have to be dragged into player inventory to be usable

3. upon entering the cave, my character screen is on fire, but there is no fire


Above ground:

1. same invisible bagpack icon, items inside are unusable


Occasionally my game will crash few moments after these bug, and i will need to rollback, otherwise my game will remain bugged. I get this warning message when my world crash, then my dst will close and exit. I would appreciate and form of help, advice or tips on how to approach this issue. I have restarted on several world and encounter some bug as well from time to time. 



Steps to Reproduce

enable 1 server mod (lifemeter/ beefalo meter):

-occasionally invisible bag pack

-game crash on entering cave


enable client mods (geometric):

-enter cave, cave on fire/ enlightenment instead of sanity with giant tree branch

-spawn in cave, invisible bag pack, enlightenment instead of sanity, with giant tree branch


it is difficult to identify which mod is the source of the problem, since i've tried disabling mods one by one and load the game, yet the bugs are still there. To simply put, the safest way to run the game is to disable all mods. I have tried disabling all existing mods and use a new mod instead, but the problem still persist.

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