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Mods not working

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most of the mods i have subscribed to seem to not be working. when i go to look at the mods on the game its shows: Workshop-(random numbers). i also cant join any games if thoughts mods are on. Ive tryed uninstalling don't starve together then reinstalling and unsubscribed and resubscribed to the mods

Steps to Reproduce
was playing with a friend who was hosting the game his game crashed

User Feedback

Disconnected due to missing mods and workshop error are caused by Windows 10's folder permissions and NTFS file system.

This is not a problem of the server host, but of the participant.

To solve these problems, you don't have to unsubscribe from the mods.

just delete workshop-********** files in cached_mods folder, mods folder in safe mode.

but this is a temporary solution.

So, another solutions is to install DST in other drive with not NTFS format.

I partitioned my existing NTFS drive into two parts and formatted with the ReFS file system.

Then the symptoms no longer appear

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I see your solution, but I was wondering if there was any way for Klei to fix it. I am in the process of partitioning my own drive, but some users might not have the required experience to do this or might simply not want to.

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