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meeting Antlion, then client crash down.

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this is case like me


not everyone does, but most players are experiencing this issue.

When you go to kill the antlion, some of the games turn off without even warning.

This phenomenon disappears when you turn off the server.

Some people disappear when you turn off private mode. But not always

When I backed up the server and created a new world, this didn't happen.

In a word, conditions could not be found and reproduction was impossible.


i recorded this on mac default capture app.



Upload the entire file of the Dedicated Server except the token.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/uat12n7jcrbxdev/MyDediServer copy.zip?dl=0


it puts a log in the error window coming out of the Mac, and it can occur in window os, but i can't get log.


Steps to Reproduce

1. download MyDediserver_copy.zip in local resitory. 

2. and add token text file by yourself.

3. save point is right after slaying the antlion, so u need rollback 1 or 2 days

3. check in game.


User Feedback

I think it is occur using mod "camp security"

I made third server similar setting, and similar situation happens again.

and I try turn off server mod one by one.

right after camp security is off, suddenly client down is gone.

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