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Massive Lag and rubberbanding

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I am experiencing massive lag and rubberbanding when I am not the host. Anytime my brother hosts, everyone in the game experiences massive lag. It seems to happen no matter the internet connection as it will happen even when I am playing with my wife on a computer in the same room as me. At first I thought it was a performance issue on my end but I did some research and it has been an issue with this game since january last year so I am not sure if this is even being worked on. Currently it severely degrades gameplay quality as I cannot even play with others.

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game with other people as the host.

User Feedback

It can be the Host performance, the host will not feel lag because he isn't hosting himself and host performance affects with much bigger intensity the other people in the server, it almost don't affects host. Check if the host performance is good, if your performance is good, if everyone has good performance i don't know. The performance is affected by internet speed and computer speed.

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