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Map went completely black after most recent auto-update

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I just downloaded an auto-update for Don't Starve Together, and then started my main world. I'm currently a ghost as I quit playing right after dying last time. I opened my map to see where I needed to go, and it was completely black with my character icon in the center. Moving around as a ghost does nothing to populate the map and I have no clue how to get back to the florid postern. Is this fixable?

Steps to Reproduce
All I did was download the auto-update and open my world like usual

User Feedback

As part of the A New Reign updates that were just released, map data is now finally networked and saved on the server to allow proper map sharing features.  Unfortunately, this does mean that map exploration from existing Worlds were reset, just this one time, when switching over to the networked map data.

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