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Losing connection with server when the Dragonfly is low life

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It's quite simple : when I fight the Dragonfly and it reaches low HP (between 1500 and 500 HP), I lose the connection with the server.

I tried several times to be sure --> 3 times (the later 2 in godmode), happened everytime...

NB : I have a mediocre connection, but I never get disconnected usually, for any reason.

NB : I don't know if it's recent or not, since I haven't fought the Dragonfly for a while (more than 1 year)

Steps to Reproduce

OS : Linux/Ubuntu 20.04

Server : Private, I'm the owner and I play alone
World : around 1100 days
Character : Wanda

Fight the Dragonfly, when low life (between 1500 and 500 HP), connection lost with the server --> I'm disconnected from my server.

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