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Linux Malformed Fullscreen

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I use DWM - which automatically `sorts` windows - on Gentoo when I switch tags (basically a set of contained windows) it will be conformed to the other windows in the tag. This is inconsistent with my experience with Unity and SDL2 based fullscreen `real` (forces game resolution as screen resolution) and fake (doesn't force it and latches as expected). When I first opened the window it was as expected, it broke when I switched tags, split between Steam and DST. Moving it to it's own tag. When it coexists with another, the problem can be temporally `fixed` by reapplying settings.

It is as if the window resolution (not the game resolution)  was set to the screen size and not a latched real or fake fullscreen.

Do not take this as a major problem, this is a rare and easy to counteract issue, but is likely an easy fix.

Steps to Reproduce

Start any Linux VM, install and run a tiling window (DWM or i3), ensure a non-floating sort, run the game with steam or any other window on the same tag,  then change tag. 

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