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Leaving Cave disconnection

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Hello everyone, I come here looking for help ; I'm playing DST with 2 friends of mine, and one of them have an issue :
He logs in, everything's fine ; he goes in the cave, everything is fine ; he returns to the surface... and loses connection. He can log back, in the caves, but can't return to the surface anymore, leading him to a disconnection everytime... (Something with a "try again later" message error).

We are not on a dedicated server, and the host is my second friend.

Note : We deleted his Player via the files of the Host, he restarted a new character, which means he started again on the surface... But when he went back to the cave, he could, again, no longer go back to the surface, being disconnected.
Note2 : I link his files as attachment, though there was no ".mdmp" file in his "bin" folder.
Note3 : My friend has 2 mods, "Combined status" and "French language". Even after turning them off, the issue was still there.

Help, and thanks in advance !



Steps to Reproduce

1) Log in. 2) Leave the cave.

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