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Lag when saving world

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I have lag when world is saving. For example, when I am fighting and game is saving, enemies hurt me from far away as if I were close to them. Or I pick up objects and it takes 2 more seconds picking up, also picking up twigs, berries, cutting trees... It is very uncomfortable, I want a solution, please. Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce

This only happens to me, I don't know if you will be able to verify it. My PC is good, gtx 1050 ti, i5-8600k and 16gb ram 2666mhz

User Feedback

This happens to everyone I know. Most games lag for second when saving, however, it is much more pronounced in Don't starve. I think it's because DS/DST saves at exact points in time, while most other games save outside of action.

Turning off lag compensation helps with the enemies attacking from far away.

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