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Klei official server ''Hound Huggles'' character Vanished

mr gibson
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I have had some recent problems with my internet connections that seemed to some how make the server forget or delete my character when this bug/glitch happen i logged into Klei Official the server ''Hound Hoggles'' DST seemed to not recognize me anymore like i was a brand new account i didn't have Wurt/Wormwood/Wanda/Wortox unlocked and i didn't have any cosmetics unlocked and when i joined i started at day 1 as webber (my original was day 200+ as Wurt) and all my progress on the other character was lost

If there is any possibility to restore other character please do

If you need any more information on this issue please ask away

Steps to Reproduce
  • Have another IP address???
  • Be offline???
  • Have a very bad internet connection???
  • Family share???
  • Trick client???

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