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Keep crashing while playing

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After the patch on 3/25, I tried to play with an existing world (as Wormwood).

It was okay till I jumped through a wormhole, after that, the game kept crashing.

So I thought maybe something wrong with wormhole and the hotfix will be coming soon, thus I created another now world to explore (as Wilson).

Within the new world I avoid jumping through wormholes (assuming it was the cause) and everything went well, even going down to the caves.

It was untill I got into the ruins and started fighting with multiple clockwork mobs then the crashing came.

When the crashing happened, the game automatically closed, and after I re-enter the world, it would crash within like 5sec again.

I tried deleting all mod folders and let steam reinstall mods for me, not working.

I tried to disable some of the mod in combanation, not working.

I tried uninstall the game and reinstall, then deleted the old world (Wormwood) since it was still bugged when the newer world was fine.

And I re-created a world with wormwood but crashed when walking around (now assuming Wormwood was the bug?).

Then I create another new world as Willow.

Avoid jumping wormholes seemed fine, going down caves seemd ok too.

I stayed above ground around the coastline to  explore the map, and then suddenly the crashing started...

After that, once I enter the world, it would crash within 5sec again.




client_log.txt DxDiag20230327.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Couldn't find the MDMP file matching the date of recent event, there were 2020 files only.

User Feedback

I think that's a pretty common issue nowadays, because of all those people, who had written about their bugs, has the same problem.

It should be solved in the next couple of days, I wish though. 

Now we need to wait, simply.

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