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Item collection download failed

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On November 3rd, my game crashed, I exited the game and came back, but i got sent to the character selection screen and none of my DLC characters or skins were unlocked. I picked a character, and i got put into the game back at Day 1. No skins, no blueprints learned, all my items gone. Just a new character. Uninstalling didnt fix it, disabling mods, validating my game files, restarting my internet, nothing. Today, I tried to fix the game, and I went into the steam workshop and manually unsubscribed for any mods, and voila. My skins were back, my save wasnt, but i could at least choose wanda again. I tried to install a mod that one of my friends was using, because literally all of them have mods installed and none of them have had this happen, and the moment i subscribed to a single mod- I didnt even activate it in the mod tab- My Item collection failed to download... And this has been every mod I have tried. For some reason, even just being subscribed to a mod locks me out of my 50$ worth of nonrefundable dlc :/





Steps to Reproduce

The mods i tested this with were Status Announcements, Geometric Placement, and Action Queue Reborn. 

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