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Invalid verification code.

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For the past day or so ive been trying to merge my steam and xbox account, my xbox account has everything on it so naturally i want to connect my steam to it. the problem with this is for some reason i have to verify my email to do so. but the email on my steam account is not currently mine its my mothers. yes i did think of asking her to get the email but i cant get the time to talk to her about this and i would like to just get this over with and be able to play the game with my stuff i worked and bought for. my main issue im having is how when i go to change my email to my xbox one (like the account merging steps literally told me to.) im getting the email and tryign to verify it but it just takes me to the klei account screen and like the title says: "Invalid verification code." im not even able to type anything in so i dont see why this would be happening but i dont know what to do. 

Steps to Reproduce

having two accounts with two different emails, wanting to merge them, one account has a verified email and the other doesnt. attempting to verify the email on the one that doesnt WITH the email on the account that is, then getting a screen that says Invalid verification code. 

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