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"Invalid number of time segments" error

skittles sour
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So I know that this error can have something to do with an invalid PRC setup. But I have been getting this message a lot, whenever I am joining my own dedi after updating a mod of mine that the server runs, always very minor changes. The server would be fine but after the character selection screen before I see myself spawn I'd get this error and be forced to quit. Is anybody else getting this and is it part of the new update?

[00:15:26]: [string "scripts/widgets/uiclock.lua"]:231: invalid number of time segs
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    =[C]:-1 in (global) assert (C) <-1--1>
    scripts/widgets/uiclock.lua:231 in (method) OnClockSegsChanged (Lua) <227-256>
    scripts/widgets/uiclock.lua:104 in (local) fn (Lua) <104-104>
    scripts/entityscript.lua:1047 in (method) PushEvent (Lua) <1034-1061>
    scripts/components/clock.lua:323 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <258-372>
    scripts/update.lua:207 in () ? (Lua) <164-243>


Steps to Reproduce

Update a single variable of a mod.

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