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I was able to open a server before and now I can't open it anymore

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Good day to all who are reading this complaint (and request for help).

I'm here asking for your help with the following:
1. One day I opened the game, downloaded mods (as always) and created a LAN server on which I played with my friends during the night. The next day, when I went to open this same server (there was no update on the PC or the game) I simply couldn't start the server because I had a problem of "something unexpected happened, try again later" and I could never open it again, including, even 3 "out of memory" messages appeared and the PC asked to restart by pressing the CPU button. My computer is new, I have 16GB of RAM, a Galaxy GeForce 1650 graphics card and the Ryzen 5 3600 processor SO I THINK THE GAME RUNS ON MY COMPUTER.

2. I couldn't start any other servers after that day. Without any mod I can open a server but I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITHOUT MOD AND WITHOUT CAVES so please don't tell me to play this way because it won't help me at all. I also tried to open it with a very small amount of mods and it worked, but that doesn't make sense because why on my old notebook (which is much worse than my current one) I could open a server with a lot more mods easily and not on this one?

3. I've already reinstalled the DST several times, I also did it with STEAM, formatted the PC and the problem persists!

4. Just today I had the game open on the home screen and after a while the same "run out of memory" message appeared and I had to restart the PC! I honestly have no idea what's going on.

5. Also, as a test, I asked a friend of mine to create a server with the same specifications (including the same MODS and their settings) and the server worked NORMAL.
Before people come to say "oh, then play on your friend's server" I'll say that it won't be possible because he's hardly at home to play and leave the server open.

6. Every time I open a server now, when generating the world, the world keeps generating infinitely (hours and hours) and nothing happens and when I close the game, the PC crashes and I need to restart.
If I try to open a server with a world already generated, the same thing happens, it keeps loading infinitely and in the end everything crashes.

Thanks to everyone who read this far and I will be immensely grateful if you can help me because this game is already frying my head with so much problem and I wouldn't want to stop playing it because I have 500 hours of gameplay and I would like to have 500 more :)

Obs: I play other stuff on my current PC and everything runs fine.

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