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I guess it was trying to clean up but it didn’t work

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I was in the midst of fighting moose goose but I died then respawned to come back seeing Beefalos and a frog rain attacking moose goose and the Beefalos and I was picking up my stuff from when I died and it crashed or something like that. (Wendy) it doesn’t let me do anything during the screen


Steps to Reproduce

(Note that resources were set to high) Abigail and Wendy fighting moose goose, Abigail dies, run to a stone path, kite it, armor breaks during the process, die then respawn like 5 screens away, pick up stuff, must be Beefalos in heat, frog rain, while coming to collect the stuff that you lost. I think that was all

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Ummm wrong forum, this is not DS forum(and the developers are not updating DS anymore so this probably won't get fixed)

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