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I cant launch worlds with caves enabled

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Hi, i cant launch worlds with caves enabled.(they are not dedicated servers)
I have researched in the forums and tried solutions like:

-disable the firewall.
-Put DST in windows defender and antivirus exceptions.
-open DST and Steam in administrator mode.
-reinstall the game.
-delete the klei folder of documents.
-I don't have mods enabled.
-I cleaned the mods folder manually

-I tried to use DMZ mode on my modem

-I can create and play worlds without caves.

I know some people have the same problem, if anyone knows something that can help me I would be very grateful :)



Steps to Reproduce

When i tried to create worlds with caves enabled i get the error "dedicated server failed to star"


server_log caves cluster 1.txt server_log master cluster 1.txt

server_log caves cluster 2.txt server_log master cluster 2.txt

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