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I can't add cave

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When I create a new world with caves on and start it, it will popup a message that says " dedicated server failed to start" please help me fix this issue.






Steps to Reproduce

Pls help me



User Feedback

Here is a support article to help resolve the issue.


You will know if the problem is your firewall or antivirus if you see the two lines in your server_log.txt file.


CURL ERROR: (dst.metrics.klei.com) Failed to connect to dst.metrics.klei.com port 443: Bad access
CURL ERROR: (login.kleientertainment.com) Failed to connect to login.kleientertainment.com port 443: Bad access

Please let me know if it helps you resolve the issue or does not help.

If you are having an issue after the article please upload your server_log.txt file here so we can look over it.


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