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I can´t get to caves or surface

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Since the Gorge update, whenever i create a DST world, to play myself or public, or any game i create, If i spawn in caves i can`t get to the surface, and If i spawn in the surface i can't get to caves. If i use the stairs to get to the other, i spawn in a diferent point of the same, caves/surface. It only happens in servers created after the update. Is this intended? I read nothing about this on patch notes.

For example:

I start the game, and the florid postern is in the caves, if i go to stairs, the one´s that take you to the surface, i am moved to another stairs in the caves.

If i start in the surface it happens the same, that when i get into a sinkhole, i spawn in another surface point, or i do not know where, cause i cant see my previous place.

Please fix this issue. I had some mods, instaled, but even if i have all disabled when i create the world. I get the bug. I configured the world, so it was huge, has no spontaneus fires on summer, no plant illness, more beefalo mating, and huge maps. Both caves and forest have this config, when posible to settle.

I add images, before getting into the sinkhole, and after.



Steps to Reproduce
Nothing, i start the world, i configure the forest so it is huge, plant ilness off, more beefallo mating, no spontaneus fires. And i config the caves, so that they are huge, and they have no plant illness. I join the world and cant travel from surface to caves, if florid postern is in the surface, and i cant get to the surface if floris postern is in caves. By the way, since Gorge event is the first time i happen to have the florid postern in the caves.

User Feedback

Verify your game files.


Steam - library - right click don't starve together - properties - 2nd tab from left ( forgot name ) - verify game's files.



Thats all I can say , cause this behaviour SHOULD NOT appear in game.


Also Florid Pornest spawns in Caves and Surface If you have Endless Gamemode.

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Thanks for the answer. It has been fixed, by itself, or dunno why. But in the game i created today, (i created at least 6 yesterday). I have been able to travel. Yet i could not in yesterdays games. Many thanks.

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