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Houndius Shootius can't damage Antlion

  • Fixed

Before latest bug fix update, Houndius Shootius can attack Antlion and not to be damage by the spikes if placed right on Antlion's spawning point.


However, the update seems to change this mechanic such that the Houndius Shootius will attack but won't damage Antlion at all


This might be an issue with Maxwell too. I killed some shadow servants by force attacking and that could change the Houndius Shootius's targeting(this bug was reported, not sure if it is the cause).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Place a Houndius Shootius on the exact spot where Antlion spawns

2. Wait for summr so Antlion can spawn

3. offer her a cold thermal stone and start the boss fight , where the bug will occur

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

That's all about the facts, time for some opinions.

If this change is intended then it's a stupid move.

The only stable cheese method requires the player to clear the ruins and beat the Ancient Guardian. By this point the player can kill the Antlion easily, it is only a matter of effort.

Players wouldn't use the Houndius Shootius here if they're gonna abandon this world after killing celestial champion.Therefore those who uses this cheese are mostly long term world players

In long term worlds, players can handle most of the needs easily and they want to spend more time on base building and such. Manually killing this boss, whose loot is mostly useless, is a waste of time for them.

I don't see any point of patching this cheese as it only makes Antlion worse design wise

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A rotation calculation was corrected last patch and it exposed this as an issue for projectiles if they try to shoot at a zero length vector direction.

Changed Status to Fixed

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