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Hot food doesn't save chill when splitting stacks

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If a stack of hot food of 2 or more is split, the chill of the newly created stack will be set to 0. This can be done in at least 3 ways:

  1. Holding control and left clicking on a stack of hot food in the inventory. The half of the stack that attaches to the mouse cursor will have its chill reset.
  2. Holding control and left clicking on an empty slot while a stack of hot food is attached to the mouse cursor. The single item of hot food deposited into the empty slot will have its chill reset.
  3. Same as 2, but left clicking on another player instead of an empty slot.

All three can be fixed by modifying the Get function of the Stackable component to transfer chill to the newly created prefab in the same way that it already transfers perishremainingtime

Steps to Reproduce
  1. c_give("kabobs",40).components.edible:AddChill(15)
  2. Hold control and left click on the stack of kabobs.
  3. Drop the stack of 20 attached to the mouse cursor on the ground.
  4. Mouse over the stack on the ground and type this command:
  5. c_announce(c_select().components.edible.chill)
  6. It should give a number that's either 0 or very close to it.
  7. Drop the other stack on the ground and do the same with it
  8. It should say 1.

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