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Host Server Ping is "???"

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Hello, I'm not sure if I open the title in correct thread

When I host a server, my ping showing as "???" in server list. I have good computer and good connection and noone have lag while playing (people can join from my friendlist)
When I want to play and meet with new people, noone join. I search about this ??? ping on forums and many other websites. I found opening port on firewall, adding game to whitelist, port forwarding. None of these helped me. Still my ping showing as ???.

I'm getting bored and really want to find solution for that. Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce

I find port forwarding on router settings and tried 10999. Didn't work

Then I tried to find whitelist but firewall was already allowing the game.

I find opening port on firewall. Tried and still same issue. I couldn't find any other solutions

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